About Us


Cake bakery sample - Owl cake
Cake bakery sample - Wedding cake

Hi there, I'm Melita de Villiers and I'm the owner of Sugar Palace Cake Boutique. Here I am with one of my favourite cakes; a Hello Kitty 3D cake I made for a very special little girl. In fact, I consider each and every one of my clients as special and put only the best into each of my creations - focused creativity and best ingredients.

My Boutique was born from a passion that could not be suppressed - a passion for art. It all started when I had my two beautiful children and when they started placing their orders for birthday cakes. Little did I know that I would get so carried away while making their birthday cakes and soon their orders became quite a challenge. But, the bigger the challenge, the more fun I had.

Soon I could not only limit my fun to twice a year and I started baking for others as well. As stated on the Home page of this site, just about all my orders were generated by word-of-mouth by happy customers. At one point I could not bake anymore due to work commitments. But, each time I still created something special for my children, it was as if a missing puzzle piece fell into place. I could no longer suppress my passion and Sugar Palace Cake Boutique was born.

So, become part of the Sugar Palace family and let us make your sugar dreams come true!